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Completed Project


Modern Kitchen

In this space, a creative blend of neutral colours was used to make the kitchen look brighter and bigger. A hint of greenery was added to bring some nature into the space. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.


Small Staircase Space

The client didn't know what to do with this small space. We created a mixture of vertical and horizontal decor to fill the space in height and width. Doing so helped fill the space perfectly and exceeded my clients expectations.


Small Entry Space

This small project was quick and easy as well as budget-friendly for everyone who has a small entryway space. This space is perfect for the entry that doesn't have room for a console table.


Blue Bathroom

For this space, the client wanted a bathroom that had a hotel resort feel to it. They wanted to create a modern bathroom and make it very relaxing to remove the feeling of being at home. A perfect room was created here.


Winter Caravan

Our client wanted us to help him make his RV as homy as possible. To do this we added some warm colours and decor to create this beautiful BOHO-style space, turning his house into a home!


Modern Entrance

This entry way was in a big need of an upgrade. The owner wanted to change the look of her home. We went from old to modern chic in no time. Completely changing the space as well as bringning life back into her home.


Yellow Bathroom

Modern bathroom? Say less! Simplicity was the word for this bathroom. We created a modern bathroom with the neutral colours (Black, white and grey) and then added a splash of colour YELLOW! A happy combo and some very happy clients.


Fresh Dining Room

For this project we had to work around my clients existing furniture and style. She wanted to upgrade her space without spending to much money on changing everything but still give it a fresh feel. By adding new decor and the white plant we were able to accomplish just that!


Upgraded Living Room

Another project where we had to work around our client's furniture. The recently purchased brown sofa and the sentimental table set had to stay. By adding bright colours we were able to change this space completely.


Modern Fireplace Wall

This beautiful fireplace wall is the piece that brought the whole space together. This wall was in a big need of an update! The neutral colours were the perfect match for this project.


Master Bedroom

Working with the clients previous furniture isn't always easy. By choosing colours that stand out from the furniture and/or artwork they already have makes it easier to create a blended space that will look amazing in the end.


Master Bathroom

Ahh the master bathroom, one of the space most people spend time in. Having the bathroom match the mood and colours of the bedroom and still keeping it modern and fresh is what we were going for and let me tell you we achieved that and more!

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Travel Theme Nursery

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Laundry Room

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Small Entryway Seating

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Children's Bathroom

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Office Space

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Small Entrance Bathroom

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