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Tips to Help you Stage Your Kitchen Counters

Staging your kitchen counters can feel very overwhelming for most people. Creating the perfect magazine-ready spaces is the goal when staging any room. In this blog, you will be able to learn some tips and tricks as well as some how too's to help you stage your kitchen counters like a pro. There will also be some does and don't to help guide you through the process and eliminate as many mistakes as possible. Your perfect kitchen will soon be ready!

Tips & Tricks

Below you will find three tips and three trick that as an interior designer I use to make sure your counters will be used and decorated as well as clean and tidy.

Tip 1: Empty your countertops

Starting with empty countertops will not only give you the chance to deep clean your counters before you get started but also help you see your empty space and start visualizing what can go where.

Trick 1: Visualize what mood you want to set

Visualizing and knowing what mood you want your kitchen to feel will already help you start looking for ideas for what you will do. Pinterest or even Google can and will be your best friend for inspiration, even I, use them to get inspired for my projects and get ideas. So while you're cleaning your counters and seeing your empty space you will already be thinking of the next step, buying décor!

** You can find the links to all 3 of the pieces as shown in the image above right here when you click the following decor name you are looking for. Ceramic Platter, Ceramic Sugar Bowl with Lid and the White Ceramic Pitcher **

Tip 2: Divide your counter space into equal parts

Separating your spaces into equal parts will help you know exactly where the decor will go and the space you have. Once your space is equally divided you will be able to start putting your decor pieces together and accomplish the idea/mood you had in mind for the counter.

Trick 2: Start with the corners of your counter

When you start putting your decor on your counters start with the corners or ends of your counter space then if you see there is space in the middle of both decor (with still a lot of empty space, preferably around 30cm+ to make sure your counters still look clean and tidy) then you can fill the space until all spaces are done.

Tip 3: Get different size décor

Now you might be thinking well DAHH why would I only buy the same size of decor for all my counters? Well because not everyone knows that and I wouldn't want you to make that mistake. Buying different size decor means different shapes, heights and even different thicknesses and textures, maybe even adding a splash of colour that matches your overall room decor! By doing so you will create depth, and texture and create a much prettier final result.

Trick 3: Pick 2 or 3 different pieces (they cannot be the same shape, size or height)

Picking 2 or 3 different pieces for each space of your counter is what you need to have a beautiful magazine-ready countertop. The reason you are picking so different pieces is that your eyes have a fun way of seeing decor and love to wander around and keep it interesting. By starting on one side with a tall and larger object and adding one or two more pieces beside it your eyes will go from the biggest one to the smallest and it will essentially be easier on the eyes. Doing this for every space will allow for different combinations to be created. This will guarantee great final results.

How too's:

The how too have pretty much been explained in the tips and tricks sections but there is more! Depending on the mood you are trying to create, either clean white and chick or more of a modern and warm feel there are different things you have to take into consideration.

If you are trying to get a clean white and chick feeling in your kitchen you will want to stay more into the cooler colours (white, light grey, blue, purple, and green are great examples of cool colours) this will help you achieve your look. Another thing to add to the room would be some beautiful flowers (alive or fake works) this will not only bring the space to life but also make the room blend in together more beautifully.

If you are looking for more of a modern, warm feel adding wood tones is the way to go. The dark wood tones depending on the kitchen you have (bright or dark) will create a different effect. If you have a white or light kitchen and backsplash the wood tones will help break the brightness and bring your attention to these pieces. If you have a darker kitchen and backsplash adding wood tones to the decor will make the room have more of a natural feel to it.

*You can find the Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid from the image above by clicking the link previously highlighted*

Does & Don't


  1. Clear your counter space

  2. Have a plan/idea in mind

  3. Mix different heights, textures and shapes of decor

  4. Leave space between each set of decor

  5. Pick colours that will accentuate your space and set an amazing mood for your kitchen


  1. Have all decor the same height, shape or texture

  2. Mix wood tones (the more they match or are similar colours the better your space will look)

  3. Overfill your space

  4. Have more than 1 accent colour (2 are fine but make sure they compliment one another)

  5. Stress the small stuff if you're not sure contact me ;)


I hope this has helped you understand a little more how to stage your kitchen counters like a pro and that you found value in this blog. Don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to decorating your counters. If you feel like it doesn't work together, well it's probably because it doesn't. If you have to take multiple tries before you get it that is perfectly fine. Practice makes perfect!

*To get the Salt and pepper Shaker, the Oil Dispenser, the Ceramic Spoon Rest and the Wood Cutting Board press on the previous links and it will bring you to the page!*

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The next blog will be posted Monday, September 5th and will be about me and why I started this business...

See you over there! :)


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