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Leduc Designs

Bringing your ideas to life!

Choosing us for your design needs is the way to go! Our wide range of services makes us your one-stop-shop with the perfect balance of knowledge and experience. Choosing us will not only take away your stress but also bring your vision to life. 

Leduc Designs offers a wide variety of services to better serve you, from interior design, professional home organization, floor plans, construction/renovations and so much more. We offer top-quality results with a hands-on and stress-free experience. We are also bilingual!

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About Leduc Designs

Industry Leading Interior Designer

My name is Cassandra-Eve Leduc. I am the business founder of Leduc Designs. I'm an interior design graduate with multiple extra certifications as well as a certified professional home organizer. I am joyful and easy-going with a passion for creating new friendships and meeting new people. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I am always looking forward to new opportunities to learn and grow as a person as well as in my field. I am also bilingual!



Everything You Need From A-Z

No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from large to small, Leduc Designs can take care of everything, right down to the tiniest details. Contact them today to talk about your plans and vision.


Commercial Design

Every room or building has its own personality, and with a few touch-ups and the right design concept, you can really make it stand out. Leduc Designs works with clients throughout the whole process to get the best out of every space.

Commercial Staging

Bringing all of the efforts done to cast your commercial property in its best, most favourable light, by appealing to the senses making your space unique.

White office organization

Organization - Commercial

We help you organize your workspace to help your team with time-saving, productivity and workflow.

Finishes Selection

Finding the perfect finishes to help bring your space and vision together.


Floorplan Designs/Creations

We create the perfect scale drawings that show the relationship between rooms, spaces and physical features viewed from above. This provides a way to visualize how people will move through the space.

Home Design

Leduc Designs will help you bring your vision to life by creating functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing spaces by assessing space requirements, determining optimal furniture placement, and selecting decorative items, all while adhering to relevant blueprint, building code, and inspection requirements.


Home Organization

Sometimes, even a small change can make a huge difference to a troublesome area. This particular service, a Leduc Design specialty, offers the perfect way to bring out the best of any space without having to make any major alterations.

Home Staging

We offer home staging to help bring our clients home together for the final touches or as an effective sales technique for homes that integrates decorating with marketing to create an experience for home buyers. This technique allows potential home buyers to see themselves in your home. For a small investment, you maximize your return on your largest investment.


Interior Decor

Interior decorating, is the art of decorating a residential or commercial business according to a client's personal preferences and style. This service includes selecting colour schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories. It transformed an area into an aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly design.


Leduc Designs helps you create your own backyard oasis for functional and beautiful spaces to relax and/or entertain year long. Our landscaping design service offers the analysis, planning, and design of your exterior living spaces.


New Builds

Leduc Designs offers new construction homes with all the design, finishes and material selection to help you build your dream home while still making it unique. We offer interior and exterior design help to make sure you build your dream home exactly the way you want.

Plant Styling

Leduc Designs offers plant styling as one of their services as it is an art of assessing space and then decorating it with plants that will look and live their best lives in a given space.


Virtual Staging

Traditional home staging requires the transportation of furniture and other home decors along with the cost of labour and the risk of damage to the home. Virtual staging, on the other hand, is all done digitally with no risk or high price tag involved.


Leduc Designs

Looking to work with Leduc Designs? Get in touch today to book an initial meeting.

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